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School of Affluence is a ladies' online learning platform founded by Anna Bey, an international thought leader in the the femininity and elegance space, in 2018.
The course curriculums focus on teaching women lifestyle-elevating skills through elegance and self-worth training, in a self-paced study format. For more information visit SchoolofAffluence.com 

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My biggest epiphany actually came after the closet cleanse that showed me on a physical level that I need to be more selective with what I allowed into my closet. But that really spread to a mindset of being selective with who I allow to have my time and energy. So I think my biggest […]

The one thing I really loved was looking at etiquette – dining etiquette, and then also the department aspect. I love the way it was framed in the course where it’s not just about respecting the fellow people that you’re with, but it’s also about respecting yourself. So I found that to be a massive […]

My biggest epiphany through taking this course was that it’s all possible. I have no limiting beliefs. I strongly feel that I deserve to live how I want to. I strongly believe that it is attainable for myself. There are no small voices that are discouraging me. And then if there are individuals who are […]

Anna Bey’s flagship course is an intensive and nuanced personal-development journey through the student's mindset, physical appearance, and relationship with men, career, money...and self-worth. Not a "fluffy" or quick course, Anna takes an actionable, holistic approach to self-improvement. She created her own, proven system, based on her wisdom gained from the struggles and triumphs experienced (and focused research) during her 15-year, whole-life transformation. Providing a tried-and-tested "how to" roadmap appropriate for women of all ages and backgrounds, Secrets of the Elite Woman is for those ladies who dare to live their life of their dreams!

Secrets Of The  Elite Woman 


The 7-Step Formula To High Society 

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I had a lot of problems before the course. I still have a few problems left, I will admit. But my biggest problem was that I didn’t know what I should be doing to be considered an elegant lady. There are so many resources out there. There are videos and articles and podcasts and all […]

Before I bought the course, I just didn’t have the know-how. I didn’t have the guidance from being young about how to navigate certain situations, et cetera. I was following JetsetBabe before, and then the school came, and I bought it for my birthday. Was it last year or the year before?  And I changed. […]

Before I purchased the program, the problem I was having was that I’m an athlete in Brazilian jujitsu, which is a ground fighting martial art, and I’ve been in that martial art for 12 years. And I teach and work at the gym, after my main job as an auditor. And because I’m a tax […]

Designed for women who were unsatisfied with their current lifestyles, Anna Bey's original course was geared to those ladies who unapologetically wanted more! Focused on women improving their circumstances through personal presentation, developing standards and boundaries, improving their social skills, developing discerning networking abilities, and hypergamous dating, the 7-Step Formula to High Society instilled confidence in women of a broad age and demographic range...no matter how modestly or ambitiously they defined their own version of "high society."

The 7-Step Formula To High Society
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